Cellix Bio is committed to increasing access to innovation in science and high-quality healthcare that will eventually make a significant transformation in the lives of people living with debilitating medical needs across in different therapeutic areas of research focus.

Across our design and development, we establish firm promise to the utmost eminence science, built on a profound understanding of the biology behind diseases. Building a biopharmaceutical company with selective new technologies, ideas, medicines, and insights leading to superior transformation of ideas in to a commercial drug product with less risk is the core competence with a goal to serve patients within our therapeutic areas of focus.

Cellix R&D teams collaboratively work in all phases of drug discovery, pre-clinical research and clinical development is supported by a network of alliances with:

  • Chemistry and Biology Contracting Organizations
  • Clinical Trial organizations
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Clinical Research Groups
  • Academic Research Institutions

Cellix considers that strategic partnerships foster a constant flow of innovations, helping to enrich our disease knowledge, compound libraries and technological capabilities directed towards finding the next generation of breakthrough therapies.

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